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Sheena Lennox - Pokemon Dream Labs by Inquisitive-Soul Sheena Lennox - Pokemon Dream Labs by Inquisitive-Soul
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Sheena (Sìne) Lennox
**Her legal name is Sìne, but it is so often mangled that she took to writing it as it is pronounced: Sheena.

Sheena is a young woman who travels with Pokemon for the sheer joy of it. She has challenged a few gyms, but has no desire to face the Elite Four. After an apprenticeship with a small lab in Goldenrod City, the research at Oneirus Laboratories seems right up her alley. When she heard of the call for Pokemon trainer volunteers at the lab, she signed up right away.

Though she tries to project an air of confidence and togetherness, Sheena is somewhat scatterbrained and prone to periods of anxiety. She often forgets about things (the location of her wallet, the time of a meeting, where she left her Pokemon) and relies on her Pokemon to compensate. She often trusts people blindly. Things that she finds interesting are an instant distraction and she tends to get over-excited. This enthusiasm can be contagious. Despite her quirks, Sheena is very intelligent and highly logical.

Clarence | Magnemite | Genderless (Identifies as male) | Magnet Pull
Flash Cannon
Magnet Rise
For an electric Pokemon, Clarence doesn’t seem to have very much energy. It may be because he finds watching Shade exhausting or because most of his attention is spent observing Sheena to make sure she doesn’t lose anything. He floats along behind the team, sometimes accidently attracting metallic objects. In battle, he keeps a level head and conserves energy. When the time is right, he strikes decisively.

Shade | Gastly | Female | Levitate
Shadow Ball
Sludge Bomb
Dark Pulse
Shade never stops moving. She constantly searches for something entertaining and has a lot of trouble focusing on the task at hand. She loves playing pranks, especially on her jumpy trainer. She enjoys battles that challenge her, but may float off if they don’t hold her attention.

Milo | Crobat | Male | Inner Focus
Cross Poison
Confuse Ray
Milo is very small for a Crobat, which was why Sheena adopted him when she was a child and he was a Zubat. What he lacks in size and strength, he makes up for in speed and agility. In battle, he avoids getting hit and confuses the opponent before attacking. He is less of a prankster than Shade, but he often wanders off with her to watch the chaos. Whenever Sheena is in a bad mood, he sits on her shoulder to comfort her.
eldritchrach Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
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